Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well, now what?

So I had this great idea to create a blog for The New Classical Family (NCF), my six-month old 'zine for families interested in classical models of education. We've had two paper-based (analog?) issues posted and the third is being readied for print - or would be if I weren't typing this instead. The long-term plans for NCF have always included an option for a digital version but we figured, why not start now? Why wait for a fancypants website when the good folks at Blogger have done a good bit of the work for us?

Why, indeed. So here we are. Over the next few days I'll be putting a selection of articles from the first two issues and a teaser or two from the next, plus some totally new content. We're open to guest authors, if anyone has something they'd like to say on the subject of classical education and their family's approach, and we'll also create a blogroll of related sites that might interest our readers.

The response to The New Classical Family has exceeded my wildest dreams. We've discovered our village, one we never knew existed and, while a bit wildly dispersed, has provided more support and stimulation than we ever imagined.

And now we'd like to share that village with you. So many of us bucking the tides of prevailing educational systems feel isolated and alone, wondering where we might turn for companionship and interaction. Over the past six months I have learned that we are not alone, not by a long shot - there are thousands of us, ready to reach out and connect.

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